Style, type, formula and difficulty of Terra Eroica tours

Eroica represents a style of cycling that celebrates the essence of vintage and classic. Terra Eroica now offers the opportunity to explore the lands of Eroica Tuscany, using various types of bicycles, from classic vintage to modern ebikes, with times and style typical of an authentic and personal cycling experience.

This flexibility makes Terra Eroica accessible to a wider audience and mixed level groups, who wants to live an authentic experience immersed in the beautiful Tuscan countryside, in perfect harmony with style and tradition.


Our tours provide a mix of styles to satisfy everyone's needs. With the personalized solution, you can also build your perfect tour without compromise.


The true and proper Eroica style that embraces the essence of vintage bicycles and the golden age of cycling. Thanks to the accurate selection of gravel roads -strade bianche- and Tuscan hills of the Eroica itineraries, you can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of vintage cycling. Participants (hopefully, it is not mandatory all the time) wear vintage clothing and pedal vintage bicycles, creating a unique and authentic experience to try at least once in a lifetime.

This is a proposal that only Terra Eroica can guarantee today!


Gravel is becoming increasingly popular among cyclists worldwide, and Tuscany is the paradise of Gravel. With our Eroica itineraries, you can explore the Tuscan hills and gravel roads in an adventurous and dynamic way. With the right equipment, you can enjoy the Eroica experience even with a modern Gravel bike, always maintaining a connection with the style and tradition of heroic cycling.


For cycling purists, we offer the opportunity to explore the Eroica itinerary with muscular bikes both from mountain and road bike. Our routes offer challenges and breathtaking views, and thanks to the flexibility of our organization, you can choose your preferred level of difficulty and create a tailor-made experience for you.


For those who want greater comfort without sacrificing the Eroica experience, we offer the possibility to use ebikes of various types, including gravel, emtb, and touring. These pedal-assisted bikes allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of Tuscany without compromising on the quality of the cycling experience. Eroica becomes accessible to a wider audience, offering an authentic and unique experience to everyone.

tour TYPE

Terra Eroica was born following the routes of Eroica, faithful to the permanent itineraries of L'Eroica and Eroica Montalcino. We are aware that not everyone can or wants to travel the entire, physically demanding route. For this reason, Terra Eroica has devised alternative solutions that allow you to experience the beauty of these places, savoring the style and passion of Eroica cycling.

We therefore offer two different types of tours to meet the needs of our customers:


The ring tour faithfully follows the permanent Eroica routes, with possible variations to reach the stopping points.

  • It starts and ends in the same location, with daily stages and changes of accommodation at each stage.
  • The organization takes care of luggage transport.
  • The ring tour is a complete and adventurous cycling experience, with each stage planned to ensure a balance between distance and time available to enjoy places and experiences.


This tour involves a stable accommodation from which you depart every day to cover stretches of the Eroica routes.

  • You can start directly from your accommodation or use a shuttle to reach the starting and ending point.
  • This option is more flexible and less demanding in terms of cycling, and it doesn't require completing all or part of a ring tour.
  • Each day is planned to optimize the time available and ensure a satisfying cycling experience, as well as opportunities for staying, relaxing, and experiencing the location or the residence facility.

Tour Formulas

We offer three different tour formulas: with Guide, Self-guided, Group, all with the opportunity to explore the legendary white roads of Eroica.

With Guide

You will have an expert cycling guide at your disposal:

  • They will accompany you throughout the route, providing you with detailed information about the area and the history of Eroica's roads.
  • You can enjoy the journey in complete peace of mind, without worrying about planning the itinerary or facing the most challenging climbs alone.


This formula involves traveling the itinerary in complete autonomy:

  • We will provide you with all the documentation and the Komoot app to guide you.
  • We will give you all the necessary tools to plan your trip and guide you along the route, so that you can fully enjoy the experience.

In Group

This formula offers you the opportunity to depart with a group of cyclists who share your passion for the white roads of Eroica:

  • You will have a guide who will accompany you throughout the route, providing you with support and assistance at all times.
  • You can make friends and share the experience, but also find motivation and, why not, a bit of healthy competition.


We tailor the tour to your needs:

  • For you and your group,
  • During the period and with the hospitality solution that best suits you
  • With all the services and preferences you desire: equipment rental, guide, support van, gastronomic or cultural experiences along the itinerary or at the stopping points.

Difficulty levels

To make it easier for you to choose a Terra Eroica cycling tour package, we have divided our tours into three levels of difficulty, from level 1, the easiest, to level 3, the most challenging. The permanent routes of Terra Eroica present basic difficulties, linked to the nature of the terrain: unpaved and rough roads, steep slopes (>15%) uphill and downhill, continuous alternation of climbs and descents, and winding roads. The overall difficulty of the tour depends on both the type of bike used and the cyclist's level of experience.

Here are some minimum requirements for those undertaking a tour on the strade bianche:

  • Good physical fitness: the route on the white roads can be demanding, with steep climbs and rough terrain. It is important to be in good physical shape to face the challenges of the tour.
  • Experience in bike riding: the tour requires good bike handling skills, especially for riding on unpaved and white roads.
  • Having the right equipment: it is important to have the right equipment for the tour, such as a protective helmet, cycling shoes, gloves, sunglasses, and appropriate clothing for different weather conditions. Some equipment can be provided by Terra Eroica (Vintage Pure Eroica style).
  • Awareness and road safety: the tour takes place on open roads, and participants must be aware and respect the rules and italian law of the road.

LEVEL 1 - E-bike Explorer

This level is perfect for cyclists who want to explore the white roads of Eroica comfortably. You will cover between 25 and 40 km per day with a elevation gain of 800-1500m (depending on the days and itinerary) using an e-bike. The assistance of the e-bike will allow you to enjoy the views without the need for excessive effort during climbs.

LEVEL 2 - Chianti Cruiser

This level is suitable for cyclists who want to explore the white roads of Eroica without facing long distances or challenging climbs, even with muscle bikes (gravel, mountain bike, road bike). You will cover a maximum of 30-40 km per day with an elevation gain of 800-1200m (depending on the days and itinerary) using a conventional bicycle. Take your time to enjoy the views, taste the Tuscan cuisine, and discover the hidden gems of this paradise corner.

LEVEL 3 - Eroica Challenger

For cyclists who love challenges and want to relive the original Eroica experience on a vintage or muscle bike. You will cover a maximum of 40-50 km per day with an elevation gain of 1000-2000m (depending on the days and itinerary). Get ready to pedal on challenging roads and experience the thrill like the cyclists of the past.

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